I’m not quite certain what you’ll find here. Insanity in written form?

Quite possible.

You’re definitely not going to find beautifully written pros or eloquently structured sentences littered on these pages. Grammar geeks, be forewarned, I love a run-on sentence as much as one loves eating! A collection of dependent clauses, with no apparent identifier and no rhyme or reason – yes, that would sum up my entries exceptionally well. I like to refer to it as nothing more than vomit of the brain.

I’m Adam. I’m crazy and SLIGHTLY ADD.

Recently, I just moved to the deliciously entertaining and wildly erratic Cincinnati. Here, I’m pursuing my doctorate at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, following dreams, and wondering where my life disappeared to. I like music and all facets that surround it – reading about it, writing about it, PERFORMING it. I have a few aspirations to be the next Lady Gaga in the clarinet world. How’s that for an image?

My goal is to use this “arena” as a forum for what’s going on, or not going on, in this rather strange and new home of mine – CINCINNATI.
Reviews, criticisms, raves (and not the ones I went to when I was 18), and musical happenings in and around town. As well as a first-hand experience into the absolutely insane life I manifest.

Also, you’ll probably read your fair share of geek clarinet talk. I’ll probably talk about equipment, teachers, performers, what has or hasn’t worked for me etc. Why I’m killing myself over the Nielsen…where one would go to get necessary pain killers to practice the Corigliano…you know, things that are essential in the world of clarinet playing.

Or at least, what I feel are essential.

Random banter on subjects about music. I mean, really, that’s what we’re talking about here.

End grotesque vomiting of the brain. My first installment, or so I hope, will be a little piece on the clarinet music of Russell Riepe, specifically the “Three Studies on Flight” for solo clarinet.

See you kiddies soon!


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  1. SLIGHTLY ADD??? rrriggghhhttt…. Love, Eric

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