Musicians are K-RAZY.

You know that adage, “Work hard, play harder.” Man…is that not the truth or what? I can’t imagine a group of individuals that work as hard as musicians. We are constantly being scrutinized, judged, forced to work in EXTREMELY stressful situations – and many of us do it with a smile!

Conservatory life is no different. Let me tell you. Particularly when you start seeing a trend within the practice rooms – the same people from 8am-12, and from 4-1
am – you learn what rooms to avoid because you know that annoying trumpet player loves these XYZ rooms which are closely connected. Or, when that good looking such-and-such player is practicing in their usual room.
A tangent. Sorry.

We’re CRAZY.
Well, we really do play hard. Sometimes, I think we forget ourselves and when we let loose – we forget that others are around. Thankfully, we have each other, and we can always trust our fellow musicians in knowing that, If I get crazy…it’s more than likely, you’re tailing my tracks and following suit.
What a weekend!
I’m working on a Nielsen Clarinet Concerto Post – with some interesting analysis that I’ve done and a few article clippings and research I’ve found here and there.
Cheers and happy music making!!!

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