Fear. It’s one of our basic instincts. An emotional reaction to the threat of violence. It is catagorized as a survival mechanism.

We’ve all experienced it; in comes in various forms: a deep penetrating and sinking feeling, to complete and total physical constraint.
It is just as present in our lives as joy, happiness, sadness, and despair. How have we manifested this emotion in creative arts today? Movies and paintings that resurface nightmares or past events.
What about in music? It creeps into the esoteric developments of new grundge and heavy metal bands. ICP (Insane Clown Posse) was a band I remember, not so fondly, inculcating those ideals. Fear. But more of a fear related to the detriment of morality, ethics, and pride. The down grade of society to lesser human traits of rape, pillage, murder, and the degredation of the human soul.
Where is the fear in instrumental music? Has it inculcated in the works of Futurism? A past movement of machinist and industrial development? But, even with such works, it still manages to purge the humanistic ideals of fear.
Not that I want to go to a concert of a famous pianist and be in a constant state of fear the entire time. I just find it fascinating that it’s an emotion that we as musicians have more difficulty portraying.
The things one thinks of while showering…

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