Faith in humanity and the human spirit is a fickle thing.
For many, that is how they are capable of functioning in life. Never seeing the true meaning behind the words and action of the ones around them. Others lie to them and take advantage of their vulnerabilities – because that will push them to the unforeseen top rung of the latter. One can but take so much of this immoral abuse and when we loses the faith in the ones around you, you’re quick to discover that all you have left – is you.
When I look in the mirror, I don’t see what I used to see.
I accept that I have flaws – that my emotional and mental capacity is not some cavernous library from which I can arbitrarily pull knowledge from its dusty shelves. But others refuse to. People assume that their problems are of a quintessential importance.
I’m neither being very eloquent nor to the point about this subject. I prefer it that way – that you not know – that you not know the reasons for my lose in faith of others. I will search for it again, alone, and hope to find the humanity and truth in the words of others.
I will continue to hold on to my true and most purest love. My muse, she has disappointed me, as I her. But, she has never failed me – she has loved me, nurtured me and shown me a world I never thought conceivable. She pushes me to reach in the deepest parts of my emotional realm and emote in forms understood by so few.
A muse most of all.

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