Get this thing out of my head

I’ve now had the Poulenc Sonata STUCK in my head since 5am this morning.

I rather enjoy Dressler’s performance – something really natural about his playing that puts me at ease, even for this pseudo-whirlwind of a piece. This actually happens to be a problem of mine when listening to clarinetist (or musicians for that matter) – I’m always so tense watching someone perform as though I can feel their tension and know just when the train wreck is coming.
I remember having a really interesting conversation with someone on this subject. We both agreed that it’s more a problem among the younger and inexperienced players (as I am) and can be almost directly related to where the player feels the beat. We feel nervous and tense watching a performance where the soloist is anticipating the beat too much; thinking and working harder then they need to while DRAGGING their accompanist with them.
Relax – you don’t need to be tense because you need to convey that in your music.
Hmm, I’m really fascinated by Anton Dressler‘s playing. The little shit has technique out the wazoo. Although, I’m not always on the same page as his musical ideas – nonetheless, it’s interesting to listen to…I need to practice.

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