Ring of FIRE – More like RING OF MY DEATH!

USUALLY, I’m really good at maintaining my composure when things get “hairy.” Today, however, I felt like the planets were horribly misaligned and the stars were against me. At one put, I felt like I was on the verge of pulling every last strand of hair out of my head – strand by strand.


I’ve found that my productivity grows exponentially when my schedule is maxed out. On average, I’m running around all day from about 10am to 11 or 12 at night. And I enjoy it, I really do. My practice becomes more efficient, my studying becomes more concise and I avoid drama at every corner. Why? Because I know that I don’t have mass quantities of time lying around and at my disposal. Well, except on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s just when unforeseen events happen – like school closing yesterday thus snow balling (note pun, for those pun illiterate) the downward spiral that was…today. And we’re not even halfway through the rest of the day.


My story line:


The dress rehearsal for “The Rape of Lucretia” was canceled, as it should be considering campus SHUTDOWN due to DEATH SNOW.


On an aside: Why do schools, both college and public, find it necessary to wait until the extreme last minute to make decisions regarding closings? Shouldn’t the words: “DO NOT TRAVEL UNLESS IT IS AN EXTREME EMERGENCY” ring some alarm in the officials who make such calls? Okay, back to story line:


An email surges around the orchestra that an additional dress rehearsal will be scheduled tomorrow (or today) from 2-5pm. 




Do they not realize that some musicians are playing in both orchestras? Amassing to 6 FUN FILLED hours of “The Rape of Lucretia.” Oh well, such is life RIGHT?


My resolve: Emails were exchanged between the Maestra and me and I get word that it’s okay for me not to be there. SWEET.


Especially considering I now have orchestra rehearsal for Shostakovich 1 from 5-6pm. 


I didn’t think about getting a sub for the opera, mostly because it’s a dress rehearsal and I wouldn’t want to put someone through such hell of trying to figure out what was going on. So, I then realized that I had to be at the rehearsal.


Walking back from my apartment, I felt the anxiety and panick attack slowly creeping in – death to me and did I mention I had this DAMN snow.




For about 2 hours I was in sheer terror because I now had rehearsal from 2-5, then from 5-6pm, THEN BACK to Opera from 8-11pm. That’s 7 hours of rehearsal, of with all of it is pretty much nonstop playing. And I still haven’t had the chance to practice. FAIL. I have a midterm on Friday, competitions, auditions, and recitals. This is NOT what I need right now and I really REALLY needed those three hours from 2-5.


And you know, I like the opera, a LOT, and it does go by rather quickly. Mostly because you don’t have the time to stop and think, it’s just go go go go go go go and don’t make any mistakes.


Don’t let me forget my morning classes from 10am-1pm. I’m kind of nervous about this history midterm on Friday mostly because of my realization, while in class today, that I’ve learned absolutely NOTHING. There has been no clear or concise flow of information to help link historical genres – and the GA feels the need to argue her case against why certain instrumental works are a part of different time periods and blah blah blah blah.


Women, it’s a review class. Review please, I don’t need to know your two cents on life and the development of x, y, and z.


Then I found out she’s a hardcore conservative Republican (and not the good kind, if there exists a good kind). Which is funny, because I have been able to put my finger on why I don’t much care for her – sanz her teaching – until now.


Tangents. I has them. 


But now I have just a slight moment to myself thanks to Zack who’s subbing for me on the Shostakovich.


Okay, moment gone – need to study. 



One response to “Ring of FIRE – More like RING OF MY DEATH!

  1. WHY in GODS name does Microsoft Word blog template create these MASSIVE spaces? UGh. Get it together Microsoft!

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