This Is Getting Annoying

For once, I actually sat down and prepared myself for my theory midterm. And I’m not a big theory whiz-kid – I tend to make ridiculously stupid mistakes. I.E. Double things that have no reason to be doubled, inadvertently resolving things the WRONG way.

I thought I was prepared. Really took the time to look over my notes, to go through terminology – and I felt good. Prepared, which is something I rarely am good at when it comes to theory.
I was certain I was going to get an A. NO – I’m going to be mediocre and get a B. What is that? I don’t like B’s – even though after this degree, grades are a complete thing of the past. Nonetheless, it is absolutely disgusting to me to not get an A. What?
But, what freaks me out is that, even with the preparation I did – and the study – I still made enough mistakes to vomit such a grade?
I feel like I’m failing at life over here because I can’t master freakin’ counterpoint and tonal harmony?!?!?!
This is very disheartening. Very discouraging. Very frustrating.

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