A Room of Insanity

It’s amazing how a simple change in practice rooms can either make or break the rest of your practice session.

Here’s how I continually ruin my life via horrible, no – HORRENDOUS practice room choices: Typically, I like to practice in smaller rooms because they aren’t as acoustically deceiving as many of the larger CAVES. That’s how I started yesterday – a smaller room, and I was generally happy for a majority of that practice.

THEN, I took a break and changed practice rooms to a room that was as dead as – well – DEAD.
It put a HUGE damper on the rest of my practice session, not to mention the awful mood that surfaced as a result.

However, in light of the horrendous finale of my practice session – I did have a rather FANTASTIC run through of the Nielsen. With only a mistake here and there – I WAS smiling for at least an hour and a half.

It wasn’t until I played the rep for the ICA that I wanted to VOMIT.

Such is life.

And, as many of my fellow reed players may know – we’re officially in the season of HELL. With the climate and humidity lacking any sense of consistency – reed selection is like a crap shoot. It’s like playing Russian roulette with at half-loaded gun.


I question my reed break in process – as I tend to do every time the weather changes. But, as many times as I’ve sat and logically thought about how I work and break in my reeds – I’m pretty certain that it’s rather consistent – it’s the weather that isn’t.

I just fail to accept that. Every time.

I always find myself questioning my reed control via the break in process and that during times of weather anomalies, I fail to break them in at regular intervals.

I’ve got to accept the fact that – during periods of insecure weather, I need to break in more reeds.

Every now and then, I miss making reeds – but then again – sometimes I don’t. I honestly don’t have the time – and I’d rather be spending that time practicing. On top of a full doctoral load of classes, learning various works, memorizing music for competitions, research, etc. – my time has become a tight as the kids head stuck between the rungs of a stairway.



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