Bach’s Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 62 – sheer and utter reverence and beauty.

What was this man on – adderal? His output was ridiculous, he must have been on something. And his fugues are so intricate and perfectly designed – the mark of an adderal addict.
We’d be friends, Bach and I.
He’d compose – I’d practice and 7 hours later, we’d be drinking the night away carousing with royalty.
Because, I mean – that’s how I roll.
Alas getting to the point – Bach – I realized yesterday, during my music history study session, that his music is not in my life enough. It’s really rather brilliant. There something very angelic and inspiring in his works – here lately, I’ve been rather fond of his cantatas – notable BWV 62.
I remember playing it last night and post the intro thought to myself, “okay, I can die now.”
All smiles today. Thanks Bach – my home boy.
Oh, and just in case you aren’t searching google today: here’s the art you’re missing. In celebration of Vivaldi’s Birthday!
I’ll have something more coherent in a few days. Promise.


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