Realizing Reality

Second Nielsen Rehearsal today – we worked on transitions, mostly due to limited time.

It was a good rehearsal – there’s something to say about working with a pianist that is competent and capable of adding her own musical interpretations.

After a while, I get really tired of always force feeding things to my pianist – it’s definitely not like that working with Anastasia.

I record my rehearsals – it proves to be a beneficial means for me going back and listening and taking notes, mostly because I always miss something.

But – more of my listenings, these days, have been toward my own playing. I can’t stress enough to everyone the importance of recording yourself – a LOT.

You hear so much – especially the things you DON’T want to hear.

Technology has done wonders for the advancement of musicians. Why are so many recalcitrant about getting up to date!

In a good mood, but I’ve got a LOT of work to do.


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