Evidently, I need to find better things to do with my time – other than facebook stalk and read every blog on google.

Recently, I’ve been mentally collecting things about my practicing and playing that I need to improve on – and it always seems that at the height of my competitions I find myself questioning everything – motives, phrasing, my ability as a player, etc. – even more.
Francois Rabbath – a double bassist of pure magic – taught me during a masterclass – that when you walk on stage, you no longer think about rhythms or harmonies or any of that stuff. Why? Because you just spent a month, or more, drilling it- when you step on stage, you perform – you play music – no counting, no nothing – you conjure up the pure essence and beauty of music.
What I want – is to be able to turn that on all the time – well not so much the not counting part – but I want to inculcate that moment of sheer genius every time play. My pianist, the other day, said, “Why? Then you wouldn’t have that extra umpf at a performance.”
I agree – but I don’t have to like it.
As many years as I’ve studied music – there is always something I’m missing – as is the case for everyone, I’m sure. I need to be more OCD, more cognizant of what I’m doing and “push the envelope” even further.
I’m ready to do that – and I should have done an AD instead of a DMA BUT – I’ll just have to sacrifice sleep and all that other good stuff for this.
So much stuff to learn – and it’s really rather fascinating and I’m intrigued by it all – just wish I could absorb all of it at once.
End rant.

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