Conceptualize THIS!

It’s funny to read articles and music reviews by American critics about European orchestras.

How closed and small minded Americans tend to be when it comes to classical music. Even worse, the ones that seem to set the standard are critics and musicians themselves.

Classical music, it’s evolution, and survival need bare no relevance to elitism. Period.

Conceptually, European orchestras have a completely different grasp in creating sound and music.

I remember when I was in Russia at the St. Petersburg Marinsky Theater to watch two of my FAVORITE ballets, Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite,” and Rimsky-Korsokov’s “Scheherazade” – and being floored and amazed at the sound the orchestra was creating. This concept of playing was so new to me! Sure, I have my far share of cds featuring some of the greatest European orchestra – from Berlin, to France, to Israel, to Budapest, to Denmark – but when you hear it live – it’s something different – it inculcates a different set of emotions and you’re taken back by the sheer genius. I think at first, for many, the reaction is a negative one – because it’s so different.

Sort of like the gay community in the US – first a negative reaction because it’s SO different – then you realize that their addition into society is – well sort of essential and rather amazing and bare no influence on anyone else nor affect anyone else lives. (A story for another time and another blog)

But, as I was saying, the Marinsky Orchestra seemed to served the music, as the composer intended, and not the other way around. At times it was gritty and dirty – because the music called for it – at other times it was sweet, serene, and sublime.

Funny – the musicians there were more concerned about the energy and passion of the music – but, I found, lack the timbre and purity of sound that many American orchestras strive to create and harness.
I’m just exhausted with critics and musicians who are so quick to judge when they should step back – and realize what it’s all about in the first place.

Music – it’s SO COOL!

Happy Music MAKING!


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