New Obsessions via Concert:Nova

I’m dawning a new title these days and now “administrative assistant” can be added to my bizarre list of many. I’m now the newest “addition” to Concert:Nova via the administrative side!

I’m very very excited about this! This ensemble embodies everything that I, a musician, hold essential in the world of music (particularly its survival) – unexpected music in unexpected places. This ensemble, a collection of Cincinnati’s finest musicians, brings to the table a fresh and exciting display of virtuosity through aural, audio, and visual stimuli.
I’ve been working with Ixi Chen, the creative tour de force for c:n, for the past few concerts – volunteering, taking care of whatever I can. Because, well, mostly I think that this is the next wave of music making in the world – it’s the future, really. And, as many of you know, I’m huge on pushing new ideas and concepts about music. Particularly anything that really connects an audience to the music – makes it more tangible and heightens the experience.
That, and I’m really good at logistical stuff and get a weird fascination with watching things come together. Now, If I could only be OCD about my life as I am about others.
My first project, a performance in collaboration with Via Vite – a swanky Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Cincinnati at Fountain Square. The concert is a celebration of earth day entitled, The Four Seasons.
Did I mention that it’s at a restaurant…with food? Tapping into my inner fat child. Wait – who am I kidding when I say inner – that’s really my OUTER fat child.
I’m being redundant but I’m very excited about this upcoming event. Not certain what I’m getting myself into – but, seeing how OCD I am, I’m sure everything will go smoothly.
And – I expect to see you ALL there!!!! I mean, come on – food and a concert?!?! This is bloody brilliant!!!

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