A Beautiful Reminder of My Days In Ithaca

I really can’t think of a particular time in my life where I was as happy as when living in Ithaca. I wonder, and really do, if  the students there realize just how amazing of an experience they’re getting.

The faculty, staff, performers, the city – all have been pivotal in my evolution as an individual, musician, performer, educator, and CLARINETIST.

I remember many many students complaining about the quality of music and musicians at Ithaca – and I always found myself lecturing to many of them that it was not others lack of ability (or in many cases an apathetic disposition to their music education) that should hinder ones development and education. You can get whatever you want out of your education – if obstacles get in the way, then maneuver around them, and transcend to a higher level.

These feelings surfaced tonight because, while searching google,  I ran across a blog posting of my Bartok Contrast performance from 2008 at Ithaca. I remember fondly working with Maeve and Atakan then – we made really great music together and even though we had our rockin’ and rollin’ moments – we were capable of making cohesive and intellectual decisions about the music we were playing. Which, as I get older, I find more difficult to achieve.

I hope they’re doing well! I just thought of all the wonderful opportunities Ithaca afforded me – traveling, performances, concertos, lessons, teaching – so much. I’m so grateful for what I learned there.

Here’s the link to the post and many kudos to Ron Glimour for the beautifully thought-provoking and nice article.


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