You…there, PUT THAT DOWN!

These are things I utter to myself on a daily basis. In reference to my inability to stop consuming coffee.

You could say I’m addicted and I this that’s a fitting point for me to change directions to a different topic, my NEW blogspot!

Seems I’m a busy bee these days, writing a lot (even though I’m awful at it, but you know what they say – “practice makes perfect” – or makes you worse?), reading a lot, playing a lot, living a lot!

I think that WordPress will, in the end, be a more cohesive and productive blog spot for me. As much as I love my blog at – I think things will work out nicely here.

Or, at least until after I get absolutely frustrated with my lack of technological know how on WordPress’ site.

Nonetheless, a  relationship that I’m looking rather forward to creating.


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