We Rally and Protest for All the Wrong Reasons

It seems these days that everyone is protesting and fighting for something.

And, really, it is your right to do so, and I’ll never tell you otherwise.

I’m actually writing this blog instead of continuing my nights festivities – as I should be at so-and-so’s house drinking such-and-such while discussing the arousing dance like melodies of Shostakovich. It was actually on my way to so-and-so’s that stopped me – while at home, to pick up a bottle of nice chardonnay I had chilled – I stopped and checked the usual: email, stats, RSS feeds, and (of course) my facebook.

While perusing around facebook – I ran across a group that supported music education in public schools.

And so started my 2 hour reading fest. I read everything – posts, discussions, notes – all of it. I’m a huge – HUGE – advocate of music education. I support it, promote it, and fight for it. Not only because it’s the survival of music but for so many other beneficial reason linked, none other, to the educational value of ones life – higher IQ, literacy, culture, integration into society – so forth and so on.

One person wrote a huge discussion topic on how they could understand that if budgets needed to be cut – music seemed to be the most logical to go.

I’m still stunned to read it – but even more – I’m stunned to think that so many people in the country feel the same way.

There were some really amazing, on point, arguments against this persons idea that it is acceptable to remove music (or arts for that matter) from the curriculum.

But – even the ones fighting for music education – were doing so in this emotional rampage that made me just as upset. But catch 22, understandably so, when one feels so emotionally connected to something – you’d fight for it with every ounce of your being.

At any rate – the comments and responses that impressed me the most just so happened to be the ones that were well planned, well organized, and really to the point. But – really – aren’t those the ones that impress people anyways?

How can we cut music from the curriculum when it has proven, on so many levels, to improve IQ, test scores, and enhance the quality of a student’s life?

Or one person made the correlation to P.E. – if we get ride of music and art, shouldn’t we also get ride of P.E.? How is it that we feel that our physical health is more important than our mental health?

I like that point for so many reasons. Many people are resistant to the idea of psychiatrists and psychologists – when, for me it’s like a mental check-up. You go to a doctor to get a check-up, physicals, etc. You want to make sure everything is working properly and everything is where… you know… it should be.

Why isn’t your mental health just as important? To, you know…(to be redundant)…to make sure everything is where it should be.

And the list goes on – and many of you reading this are musicians and have come through music programs. You know the benefits – you know how it has affected your life.

We accept, and rather quickly, that we chose this life as a means of completion – to find happiness – not money.

But how do we, on a very -VERY- elementary level explain this to people who don’t understand?

Data, statistics, research, experiments – information that is irrefutable. Hardcore data.

Then I start thinking about how my life would be with out music – and then I start thinking about how everyone is rallying and fighting for all these changes in our government – health care, taxes, wars, etc.

Why not music? Why not music education?

They’re so quick to rally around things they know nothing about and fail to take the time to research etc. – it’s like the blind leading the blind.

But why not music? Why not music education?

This is an IMPORTANT factor to the quality, education, and well-being of our lives – yet we allow ourselves to sit back and do nothing – yet how quick are we to fight our friends and neighbors about petty and trivial things.

Really think about all the things we wouldn’t have without music education. Really ask yourself, what would life be like.


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