Shoot It Down – But Shoot it GOOD.

I’m craving something that will cleanse my brain of everything for at least 2 or 3 hours. During those 2 to 3 hours, I’d like to do – absolutely nothing. Maybe play hours of sudoku – or read a book for fun.

I miss reading.

I had a really inspiring, but daunting lesson today. By daunting I mean, there are so many things I need to fix, change, and prepare in order to obtain my next level. Seems as though everyone around me is achieving new levels, yet, here I stay – stagnant and stationary.

It gets frustrating.

Someone once told me that if you find yourself so frustrated and upset about how something is progressing, it just means that you’re about to hit the next plateau.

Well, I’m ready, because this is getting exhausting.

Ixi is really a fantastic and brilliant teacher. She is so cognizant of the things I need and have to fix. She’s opened my ears exponentially since I’ve gotten here. It’s been both a blessing and a curse, I guess. How I produce my sound has changed, how I think about my sound has changed, and how I play has changed.

The daunting part is that – I’m afraid it’s going to take me a while to change it.

Still in that weird transitional phase where things still don’t quite sound right – but I’m aware of them. And, well, being aware fixes 60 percent of the problem anyways.

I just hope I make Ixi proud. I need to work harder, twice as hard.

I’m beginning to learn how to let go of my over analytical problem and focus on just one of three major things: direction of air, support, and embouchure. Voicing, I won’t think about for a while, as I think about it to much and tend to over correct it – and if my air is correct, then my voicing is will follow suit – and my air is correct if my direction and support are correct.

One thing, fixes many things.

I look forward to the days where I can play long tones for an hour plus. Sounds weird, but I wish I had more than that. To listen, to hear, and feel.


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