I Don’t Have ADD, I Don’t Know What You’re…OHH…Look at that Bird!!!

Today – was – productive.

I think?!

You know how at the start of the day you make a list of things to accomplish but as you lay in bed before falling asleep that evening, you realize that you only got to a small portion?

I’m pretty certain that I make these horrendous lists of accomplishments that I know…are completely unobtainable.

For Example, here was my “pseudo” list for today:

  1. class
  2. practice
  3. write bio
  4. finish teaching packet
  5. follow up emails
  6. write reviews for past two recitals
  7. brainstorm ideas
  8. revise lesson schedules, contact x,y, and z and confirm with x.
  9. write intro to article
  10. present and write questions for second article
  11. write c:n review of CAC concert
  12. Practice
  13. Laundry

I got to 6 out of the 13 – but, for some reason, I can’t help but shake this feeling that there where 8 or 9 more tasks that I forgot here.

If I could just learn to trim things down a bit, or even, buckle down and actually do them – I might be able to end the day without feeling like a complete failure – or well – in this case a partial failure.

At least I’ve accepted that I make my “To do” lists far to complicated for me to accomplish in one day.

Positive thinking, right?

How wonderful would it be to have 48 hours in a day?! Wouldn’t that be great? Man, think of all the things I could accomplish?!?!

I’d be my own, “tour de force.”

Ah, yes, I just remembered the intention of my bloggied blog tonight. My bio – ugh – vomit. I always feel so uncomfortable writing these things.

Am I the only one?

After I finished writing it, I literally, took a shower.  Like a pig after feedin’ time, just dirty.

I suppose bio writing will be in my future for many years to come – so, I might as well get used to it, right?

Wait, can’t I just pay someone to write it for me?

I’ll take the latter option.


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