That’s a *bit* Disappointing

It’s really a bit disappointing to read my RSS feeds these days. The quality of material being distributed by various bloggers, authors, and CRITICS has hit an all time LOW.

Quantity should never be replaced by quality. Just because you author some article twice a day doesn’t give you “the ring that ruled them all.” I’d really like to remove some of these feeds that continually litter my RSS feeder, alas I have to keep it for research and updates.

Such a shame.

But – BUT – I won’t sit here and pretend that what I distribute is quality, well at least here, I just don’t have the time to devote to really creating something compelling four times a day. Or really, 4 times a week. My creative JUICES are limited here, Okay?!?! However, I do think that if you’re getting paid or are providing a rather substantial service to the community through your writing, then you should really PROOFread your articles.

And don’t use adjectives that bare no comparison (what-so-ever) to the noun – seriously!




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