Feels Like Months!

Why, hello there!

Long time no see! Its been a while, I know. Don’t judge me.

And yes, I’m having dialog with myself – my inner self.

School year is slowly coming to a close, I think? This quarter system thing really freaks me out on so many levels. I’ll get into it at one point, but not right now.

I just finished dinner at Ichiban, the sushi was SO good.

I love sushi. And even though I love sushi, and could potentially eat it all the time…I will NEVER eat it off of a woman’s body…I’m sorry…this just isn’t appealing to me, on so many levels.

That just kinda freaks me out – and the only thing I can think of is getting herpes or something. Hope that fish is fresh (pun intended).

Preparing for this huge competition in October. 8 pieces of DO OR DIE clarinet rep. Really intense stuff. Francaix, Nielsen, Berio, Brosse War Concerto, Brahms, Debussy, Mozart Quintet…did I say 8, cause I really meant 11. There are 4 rounds, first round is two works, second round is 3, third is an additional 3, and the final round is also three.

I’ll update you more on that competition and my preparation later. Also planning for the big trip to Italy – 5 weeks – not paying a dime. Am very excited – love the idea of romping around Italy for 5 weeks, tearing down the cultural fabric. You know, doing what I do best!

Cheers. Here’s to hoping I can force feed you babies something on a more consistent basis…I know you’ve been starving for you’re Adam eats.

Happy listening and happy music making!!!


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