Your Acoustical Masterpiece, in a BOX!

oly Chick-Fil-a BATMAN, things are not as crispy as they seem!!

I always have these little endemics of positive thinking and practice; they come every few weeks (or years) much like when lightning strikes that proverbial smart-ass that screams, “MAY LIGHTNING STRIKE ME DEAD.”

He’s dead.

I seldom take into account the acoustical properties of the rooms I practice in. Or, well, I don’t take them into account until I notice how GOD AWFUL I sound! But then I wonder, and wonder as I may, what is REALLY going on here.

I’m finding it really difficult for me to practice in rooms shaped like, well squares.

I know this sounds weird, seeing that 90 percent of the rooms we  are in…are, well, rather square. But, are they, really? Look around you, notice that random nook over there? Or how the ceiling is  just ever so slightly slanted? Yeah, not so square is it?

But, my favorite rooms to practice in are those really weird, angular, and misshapen rooms where the ceiling goes in four different directions and random cabinetry built into the walls, and that fantastic little snack bar precarious placed  in the middle of the room.

Oh, wait, that’s my book bag.

Maybe it has something to do with my “not-so-square” personality. Sandra Rivers told me the other day, “Adam, you are definitely not inside the box…you’re WAY out of the box. Honey, you can’t even SEE the box from where you’re standing.” Thanks Professor Rivers.

No doubt my affection for these bizarre and misshapen rooms has something to do with how the sound waves bounce back and forth in an acoustical masterpiece – or mess, depending on what instrument you play. Giving you that pseudo “wet,” or “live” acoustical room.

And, when you’ve been in those nice “slip n’ slide” practice rooms for a few weeks and then SUDDENLY decide to shift over to the “other” ones, it’s like a catastrophic down pour of frustration.  Things sound exponentially different, and in many cases, WORSE. And, in the end, as I pick my torn and tattered self up off the floor, I feel like all the work I did previously has been COMPLETELY WASTED!

Today, I couldn’t hear my overtones in the “box” of a practice room I was in – and that REALLY bugs the poo out of me! I CAN’T TUNE THEM! And when I can’t tune them, I feel like my life is in shambles.


Yes, I’m being over dramatic…don’t Judge me.


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