Life Recharge

oo much social interaction can cause various lapse in mental judgment; well, for me at least.

As the school year comes quickly to an end, and THANK GOD for that, I find myself wanting nothing more than locking myself away from the rest of the world for a week.

Or two.

My batteries need some serious recharging. My mental capacity has reached its peak; my sponge of a brain needs to dry out.

Some people have the really fantastic ability to continually thrive off of their interaction with people – all the time. That’s something I admire, but as I grow older and jump into larger life projects, I find my threshold for many things dwindling. More and more, I find myself craving that silence and that proverbial space.

Time management, sure that has something to do with it, or my lack thereof.

I partially want to blame it on this ridiculous quarter system at UC. The past 39,435 years, I’ve been locked into the semester system. My bodies mental clock finally has it down to a science and I know JUST right before we’re about to hit a vacation or when we’re reaching the end of a semester.

Now, I’m totally screwed up. My body can no longer tell when I’m asleep and when I’m awake.

But, such is life, such is the movements and changes we make. We learn to adjust and make the best of it – right? Right!

I’ve done pretty damn good this year.

No complaints from me, maybe a figurative whine or moan – but I’m happy.

Just need a little vacation.

In Italy.


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