concert:nova at the Ballet

The concert:nova performances on May 23rd and May 24th were absolutely outstanding. Two electrifying and visually stimulating concerts lead by world-class music ensemble concert:nova in collaboration with the Cincinnati Ballet.

The crowd was rowdy and excited and you could feel the static electricity teeming throughout the performance hall. Goose bumps were already peaking their way on my forearm… and the lights haven’t even dimmed!

With a wonderfully enticing and enriching interview at the beginning of the performance, which I won’t call a pre-concert talk because it just didn’t have that musty and archaic “pre-concert” smell, but a lively conversation about the project between composers, dancers, and musicians. One of the first interviews, at a performance, that I thought didn’t hinder the experience, but really propelled and prepared the audience for a feast that would overwhelm the palette.

The performances started – and I was ENTHRALLED the ENTIRE time! Captivated and entranced, I couldn’t move, even after I had seen all the rehearsals, the dress rehearsal…it was just stunning. And the crowd’s interaction just made me giggle with excitement.

This was such a beautiful display of creativity among many MANY mediums. concert:nova created a platform for multiple creative minds to come together and blossom this beautifully artistic and thought-provoking experience.

Even after the performances, on both nights, people were just a BUZZ and excited, everyone was talking about how amazing and stimulating the performances were and that they could NOT wait until concert:nova puts together another spectacular collaboration such as these.

UGH! Bravi concert:nova!Continually pushing the proverbial envelope and reaching for new limits!! Art, for art’s sake!

For your reading pleasure, a wonderful REVIEW of the performances!


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