Food For Thought, Or Not.

eah, I know, I don’t much care for this blog site change either. I feel rather constricted with the design layouts forced on me by WordPress.

I guess one has to deal until one upgrades to a paid account.

Unless, of course, someone wishes to give me the DOLLARS to do so – which would be very kind.

But, until then I’ll be floating my “design” layout around and changing it as much as possible to fit my needs. Or at least within the parameters of the “public” access blog.

I try to keep up (key word KEEP UP) with my RSS feeds and online news articles. Sometimes it can be a rather daunting task, but a task I rather enjoy (oxymoron, yes). My RSS feed is littered with subscriptions to the most bizarre, fantastical, and entertaining sites. Not to mention my usual feeds to the popular science, politics, and all-thing-secular sites. I like to read a wide array of material – limiting my scope of intellectual food makes me feel less connected with the world, and starving.

I read an interesting article this morning about the theoretical concept regarding the advancement of the internet (media in particular) and how it is slowly rewiring the human brain for the bad. A fascinating theory that discussed the mental contributions of reading books versus the online forum. Though flawed, the theory talks about how reading the “archaic” book promotes higher levels of concentration that the internet and online sources slowly destroy. Internet-based media corrupt and rots ones mental capacity by limiting the source to small chunks of data. Or even which sites the public frequents the most, like Facebook, which present material and information in small short bursts. These short bursts of stimulation, coupled with the anxiety (or need) of moving from one online page to the next is, according to the article, just the right formula for slowly rewiring the brain, or corrupting it, so to speak. Ultimately, the internet is making us all more stupid.

I wish I saved the article to the post and could share it here. Did anyone else read this in their DIGG feed?

I disagree with the article, of course, only because the advancement of technology has opened millions of educational doors that the public has never had access to. In effect, we are capable of expanding our intellect through thoughtful “surfing” of the internet. Thoughtful, again, being a keyword in the previous sentence. The internet allows us to reach the far corners of our brains and fill it with amazing information.

I guess it all really depends on how you use it. It’s like alcohol (on some strange and small level), either you choose to have a drink because it’s deliciously refreshing or you drink because you need to get so drunk you turn in to a hot sloppy mess.

Interesting concept, though parts of it make sense the majority of the theory seems rather flawed with holes a plenty.

Happy music making.


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