“Food For Thought, Or Not?” Part Deux

Remember that bloggied blog I wrote on how research was funneling around the public (and various stupid reporters) regarding the Interwebs aid in lowering the cognitive process of human brain.

Sidenote: Since when did “Interwebs” become a part of the social-norm and manage to integrate itself into the English language? Who’s responsible for this? I just imagine creepy crawly spider-like webs with POWER CHORDS. Creeper.

So, found two really fascinating articles in addition to my previous article (note lack of subject matter in that sentence. Love me.). Read:

Debate Over Computers and Brains (It’s Been Going on For Centuries) by Will Han


Tradeoffs by Johna Lehrer

I’m not going to summarize them for you, you’re all big kids now (Is there a Toy’s-R-Us in Cincinnati?), and I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

BUT TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. I don’t do this for my health! Fight the cognitive lameness brought on by the “Interwebs” (God, vomit, what an awful word!).



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