Francaix This!

I’m sitting in the CCM atrium listening to the Francaix Concerto for the


I just get excited every time I hear it and have this bizarre and compelling need to get up and dance around and conduct like I’m an eleven year old little kid.

Via Google Image Search of Virtuosic!

Francaix, notorious for his less than VIRTUOSIC INSANITY (i.e. really flippin’ difficult), can effortlessly manifest that riotous jubilation in his listeners where, I feel, so many composers can not.

I know my fair share of peeps and amigos that don’t much care for the work, but I say, to each their own! I know that after I listen to the Francaix, or practice it for that matter, I feel like I want to run up and down the streets throwing confetti at everyone.

I mean, LOOK AT HIM! Doesn’t he look like he’d be a BLAST!! I think we’d get a long and probably drink a lot. He just looks like he’d be fun! LOOK at that smile!

We’ve become so inundated with compositions and music that make you feel, well, depressed or melancholy. And, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have such a proclivity for those works, but…damn…I just need something that’ll make me smile…a lot!

The Francaix does that; it just doesn’t get old, regardless of how many times I listen to it.

I really like this chico’s playing, although it’s kind of hard to hear him on the YouTube video, it’s a little muffled.

Do you hear how fun it is?!?!? How you just want to bob your head back and forth – you can’t help but smile?!?!

Okay, evidently it’s time to go and practice.


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