Author This! (READ ME)

uthors, Musicians, and Artists!!

I’m currently in the process of expanding my Sinfully Cincinnati site. My aspirations are endless, like an all you can eat buffet (mmm, FOOD!)! I really want to create a forum for readers to visit and experience the life of performing and working artists, not only in the Cincinnati area, but abroad.

I think it’s very important, as Artists (using that as a generic term to include all mediums), to really dig our heels into the writing scene. Even if it’s just on  a very small and seemingly insignificant level.

Writing is Power.

This is an important time in our lives as Artists, an á propos if you will. A time where the internet world is an assemblage of readers eager to sink their mental teeth into something juicy. There really is no greater time than now for Artists to connect to the world through the internet, no better way for us to share our love and passion for Art and Music!

Even more, as Artists, our survival relies on our ability to network and communicate and what better way than through a community of other relatively sane (relatively) Artists.

In effect, Sinfully Cincinnati is a means of connecting the thoughts of Artists to the world. Being redundant (and I am), there’s no greater forum for enlightening the world about the thriving culture and community of Art and Music.

I’m calling all those Artists interested in helping to build a stronger foundation for music and the art in society, to help make them more tangible, and are interested in writing the occasional post about their experiences, adventures, and journey’s  in art and music, to join me as an author and contributor of “Sinfully Cincinnati.”

You’re more than welcome to leave a comment bellow if interested, or email me at:


Happy Music Making!


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