I can think of numerous times I’ve been asked by someone (or overheard someone being asked), “Do you have a website?” And I would stand there, all awkward-like, quickly looking for some creative response…other than, “No.”

The future is here and that proverbial wave…has subsided. In the past, we all dreamed about having websites that we could call our own, with pictures, clips, contact information…but we dreamed in 2-D and only waited for that “wave of the future” to be the present.

Well, it’s the present.

Before, we were STUNNED to find out people had sites:

“Holy cow, did you know so-and-so has a website!”

Now, our reactions are:

“What?! How does he/she/so-and-so not have a website? That’s weird!”

As the novelty of having a website has worn off, we can systematically rate pages and websites based on their creativity, style, and content.

Who cares that you have site!

I care more about the product you’re giving me and how you’re giving it to me (Don’t double entendre me!).

Now this post is, and I’m sure most of you gathered that, directed to musicians (and artists). We are a bit more of out of the loop when it comes to websites, blogs, media links and the like. We have our hands in so many different pots these days that it can be really difficult for us to keep-up with the technological advancements of, well everything.

Be that as it may, we still need to familiarize ourselves with the internet, websites, and what fair-market value is when contracting someone.

Plus, we do have exponentially more material that needs to be hosted. More so than say the average business man or what-have-you. We have media, photos, press release and kits, acclaim, bio’s, recordings, blogs, articles, history, discography…and this list goes on. More material equates to more complications and more MONEY.

Here is clarinetist Richie Hawley’s site, check it out! I really enjoy this quite a bit. Richie just got it up and running a few days ago. It’s clean, provides content in an organized manner, gives you tons of information, and well…it’s creative. Richie really put together a site that is both artistically appealing while still taking care of all the nuts and bolts.

If you know any other great sites, please, add a link in the comments!

Musicians and artists should take note, this is a fantastic model for the future.

Cheers – and happy practicing.


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