Alliteracy Versus Illiteracy


1: the quality or state of being illiterate; especially : inability to read or write

2: a mistake or crudity (as in speaking) typical of one who is illiterate


1:  a person who is able to read but disinclined to do so

2:  of or relating to alliterates

You’re asking yourself, “Okay, Adam, what are you getting at?”

I read (being of a literate nature) an article today on learning to critically analyze your own writing. It was an awful and embarrassingly tripe article, as though the author was just trying to show off their more than verbose vocabulary. If you write an article on “how to write,” expect that whatever you have to say and how you say it will be harshly judged and critically analyzed by everyone that reads it.

That being said, the author somehow managed to work into the article how the youth of today have a concentration span of about 3 minutes or less.

Funny, as I was reading that comment the first thing that popped into my head was:

Well, if you could write something worth reading maybe we wouldn’t lose focus.

And suddenly, everything made complete sense to me: the youth don’t want to read because there’s nothing but crap for reading material! There was never anything worth while assigned to us in high school, nothing that compelled me to continue reading (even though reading was “the thing” in my family). We read so few of the literary “GREATS,” “The Grapes Of Wrath,” that’s the only one I remember. We barely touched on Shakespeare and our studies were always MERELY surface level. Just enough for the teacher to meet certain annoying standards forced upon her by…(an article for another time).


I’m irritated that people just assume (and you know what they say when you ASSUME) that the youth are completely illiterate. Well, I hate to say this, but it’s the older generations fault. It’s YOUR responsibility to guide the hands of your children and the children of tomorrow. You’re the reason why so MANY people have the attention span of a dead mouse. We didn’t create MTV or record songs that only last 3 minutes, we didn’t create commercials or TV shows that revolve around subject material that only keeps our attention for 3 minutes. You’re the ones that did the research on how to market and sell and you’re the ones that devised the selling adage of, “hook, line, and sinker.”

So, please, stop blaming “us.”

YOU created this mess therefore YOU need to fix it!

Hmm, maybe I should send this to BP and just change all the subject bits to “BP Oil Spill.”

Go read a book.


Happy Reading.


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