Cramped with a case of the Block

I have writers block.

I hate it.

I need to compose something fantastic and witty yet intellectually stimulating for the c:n site.

But I have writers block.

It’s my fault, really. Instead of keeping up with writing a bit here and there, I put everything on hold. It’s not always like getting back on that proverbial bike. I can’t seem to just pickup where I left off with writing.

It’s like playing an instrument, you put it down long enough or shove it off into the closet and you better believe your first sounds after that hiatus are going to be rather wretched.

That’s sort of how I’m feeling right now. Sentence after sentence of wretched writing. I’ve lost my voice, my spunk, my UMPH.

As much as I love stream of consciousness writing, it really gets me nowhere and only bores the hell out of everyone that reads it.

Any suggestions on a few writing exercises?


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