What’s That You Say? I can’t HEAR you.

I know, blog entries are getting farther and farther apart.

Sorry. Sometimes life moves faster than I’d like it, leaving very little time for me to frolic in my blog writing.

Though, I do miss it a lot.

Do you smell that? The air? Yes, that’s the smell of yet another quarter (or semester for you none quarter college students) beginning.

Though I’m apprehensive, as I am at the beginning of every new quarter or semester, my excitement overwhelms it.

I’m glad I decided to pursue arts administration as my cognate (or minor), it’s been a very fascinating and intriguing ride. Not to mention I’m learning an awful lot.

Maybe it’s the act of doing something else, something that sort of breaks the monotony of my past and current degrees. Theory can keep my attention but for so long.

Seriously, maybe 10 minutes, then I’m done.

Though I love history, the systematic approach most institution force upon it makes me dispise it sometimes.

Ah well, this should prove to be a very interesting and fascinating quarter!

See ya soon!



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