I’m just not buyin’ what you’re sellin’

Instead of writing some garbage about me not having posted in a while, I’m just going to pretend like nothing happened.

"Barrels of Fun"

New school year, new adventures, new travels.

I mean, practically a new life. It’s quite an exciting time to be Adam, so you should follow closely ladies and gentlemen – ‘cause it’s gonna get interesting.

My writing has gone down the crapper these last few months – mostly due to the fact that everything I write is a state of complete panic and sheer terror.

Okay, fine maybe not SHEER terror…just terror.

Often times I go back a re-read emails to make sure all the necessary information was included. I read this one email to my boss I sent at 5am the other day…I couldn’t even understand it, it was as though I was drinking and typing with one finger…

I just wrote her another email. Evidently, I need to keep myself from writing emails before 7am.

Not certain many of you know, but I was awarded the Graduate Assistant at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Yay! I like the administrative stuff (to a degree) and I’m getting to put all that experience I have in business management to good use.

I love academia.

No..not a lie, I do. It’s very thrilling to have the opportunity to teach at a college one day.

Professor Adam has a rather nice ring to it. No, I will not be Professor Butalewicz – to only be called Prof. But?!

Yeah, this guy, not stupid.

What's that?

Yeah, now that I think about it, maybe not so much academia so much as I love teaching.

Lets leave the subject at that…END SCENE!

Regardless, it’s going to be an additional load for me this year. My strong urge/desire/need to procrastinate is going to have to stop. Baby steps, my friends – BABY – STEPS.

Have quite a few competitions coming up this year. And have just started ripping apart the literature for the Emma Hogg competition in Houston. Recording Brahms Sonata No. 1 and No. 2 for the preliminary round – these judges are mean individuals, good thing I love Brahms and “EAT HIM FOR BREAKFAST!” I’ve always had this nothing that you can tell the strength of a player by how well he plays three composers, Bach, Mozart, and Brahms. With Brahms, you know in the very first phrase….

And I get to re-memorize the Nielsen and Copland. I’m rediscovering things about the Nielsen that I LOVE.

I’m going to start posting details about a doctoral seminar I’m taking called “Popular Music from the Margins.” A seminar class that survey’s popular music throughout the world. Not popular music as in classical pop, but POP music – that includes rap, hip-hop, country, soul, blue grass, etc.


We’re looking at the very core of popular music and asking questions like, “Why is this popular?” Identifying thematic structures, harmonic relationships from one performer’s cover to another. Something I’m most interested in, is looking at the anthropological influences of Pop music as well as how the industries marketing and advertising might be applied to what we do as classical musicians.

Okay, enough, time to practice. Yeah, I’m a little jumbled, it’s been a while and I’m rusty. Hopefully my blogging will start revolving around one central theme here shortly, just need to get my feet wet first.


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