Discourse of Authenticity

I’m working on a research paper that looks at the discourse of authenticity for a particular genre or subgenre within pop culture.

I was a little confused by the open-endedness of the topic/assignment and have been doing some research on what defines authenticity or credibility among today’s society.

This is predominantly revolving around pop culture and me trying to identify what makes it credible/authentic to its consumer.

Of course in this particular case, we’re talking about music, so the word consumer is transplanted with the word listener.

Regardless, I still dislike using the word CONSUMER when it comes to music or art, regardless of the medium.

All art has some emotional connection, even if it was specifically designed to make money. Some technician, vocalist, or engineer really loved working on that piece of tripe…so SOME love and heart went into making the crappiest of tunes.

A tangent. My b.

What defines credibility, particularly in today’s society? And with the internet, how do we deem what we read as credible and authentic? In the same vein, how do we authenticate pop culture and music? How do people perceive the discourse of pop culture as credible?

Evidently there are both subjective and objective qualifiers…

This is sort of stream of consciousness thing here…I’m just trying to work out my thoughts.


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