Face Fatigue

I just recently changed my embouchure and am having some really wonderful results.

Playing is extremely easy, I’m no longer biting (well, sort of not), and my legato is luscious…

Overall, I’m pretty happy.

Except…the fatigue. It’s literally killing me. I can only hash out about an hours worth of practice, if I’m lucky, before I feel like I just got a Botox injection.

Okay, maybe there are a few not so happy moments… Like continually having to stop and reset, or not really knowing where my bottom lip is resting.

Regardless, the pros outweigh the cons; my color palette has vastly expanded and I love how easy it is to play now.

All in good time, though, everything will settle down, things will fall into place, and i can focus my frustration on something else..

Like actually playing the clarinet…..


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