Whether or not it’s a good morning is still up for debate. I could not, for the life of me, fall asleep last night. So, yes, invariably, I’ve been up for 24 hours.

And, oddly enough, I feel okay. I watched Netflix from 12am to about an hour ago. Stupid streaming function, destroying productivity since 2010.

After my 56th episode of this scifi TV show, I decide that it’s time to try to get a little rest. That and around 8am I received an email about a rehearsal today from 3pm – 5pm. It’d be fine if it were something other than Shulamit Ran’s “Mirages” for Piano Quintet….maybe a Mozart Quintet or something.

And requires you to study the score more than actually practice your own part. Though today, I need to practice my part.

And on that note, I’d like to make a quick mention regarding this ensemble. Now, I use that term “ensemble” very loosely with this group. Here’s why…

I LOVE contemporary music, I love paying it and I love studying it. I’ve played enough of it and work with some REALLY stellar artists and ensembles that I’ve learned what needs to be done in order to perform at a high level.

No, no, no, not simply perform at a high level…it’s more about rehearsing at a high level. You’re brain has to be turned on high and you must have consumed at least a 20oz sugar free RedBull kind of mental power.

My first rehearsal…was awful. The string players had no clue what was going on. By the end of the rehearsal I just got up and left and said, “You cannot come to a rehearsal of contemporary music, especially chamber music, and not have prepared your part and studied the score equally.”

I got back a sea of blank stares. I doubt they understood me.

So I think, well, maybe next rehearsal will be better. NOPE. Same. Damn. Thing. Then the topic of a conductor comes up, or well, at least I think it did…Rehearsals are all in Korean.

Oh…You speak Korean!!! You may ask…nope, definitely do not speak Korean.

So now we have a conductor. Which, in the end, doesn’t really help if you DON’T know the parts??!?!?!

How do you ever expect to win a job, win a competition….or simply be a good musician if you don’t take the initiative to do more than the bare minimum. You’ve got to learn how to make cognitive and sound musical decisions at a high level if you ever expect to succeed…or BE A MUSICIAN!!!!!

And they’re all doctoral students.

At this point, I’ve given up all hope of it being nothing more than a mess. I have looked at the part twice and am not stressing about it. Or trying not to…because rehearsals agitate the mess out of me.

Oh…AND…my neighbor below me, as cute and sweet as she is, is hanging up pictures at 9:30am?!?! Or doing something with a hammer.

Well, now I’m blasting Brahms Violin Concerto…BRAHM VS. HAMMER.

Brahms is winning, by the way.

Yes, this is a post about nonsense. I do that often.


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