Laude and Ballatas?

No, they’re not food items from Europe, though their etymology comes from Italy. They’re actually forms of music; the laude is a sacred song form that loosely translates to “song of praise,” and the ballata is a secular dance song – imagine…well..dancing and singing.

Or something like that.

Anyways, these the guys have been taking up a LOT of my time. They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the clarinet, but more musicology. My research is in connecting these two mutually exclusive forms of music during 14th-century Italy. Oddly enough, I’m really rather enjoying the work.

Rephrase: I’m really rather enjoying the research, the actual writing part becomes a burden sometimes. Of course, it is far more difficult to synthesize tons of research than to actually do the research itself. I cannot decide whether the act of researching is more time consuming than the writing?

I enjoy writing, but scholarly and formal prose are not always my best. And I tend to ramble…a lot. As I’m doing here.

Okay, time to step away from the computer.


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