Can We Hammer Time?

Mother. Of. Pearl.

Today has been the longest day that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in quite some time. Roughly around 5:35pm, I finished up my soul-sucking-death-causing research paper. I tried to calculate the total number of hours I worked on that damn paper…alas…I failed. I know that I spent somewhere near 17 hours actually writing the damn thing. That, of course, does not include the countless hours of me sitting in front of a computer screen, editing the little cow.

Funny, out of those 17 hours of writing, I bet 10 of them were spent screaming: “WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS PLEASANT AM I TRYING TO SAY?!” It was like a screaming match between me and the computer. I’m just grateful for my computers patience and sweet disposition…’cause I lost it at one point.

Post turning in my paper in I celebrated with…a ridiculous sized coffee from starbucks and one of their overpriced, not very tasty, ham and swiss sandwiches.

I was hungy, what can I say?

After my night class I was just about to torture myself into practicing when I was attacked by a fit of coughing. It was almost as though my body was READY to shut down. Packed up my life, threw small children out the window, and walked home to indulge my senses in some trashy Netflix instant watch.

I get home, log in to netflix only to find out that my password is no longer the same and I cannot remember it to save my life…I authorize that little thingy to email me a link to create it…this was an hour ago, mind you….and I’m STILL waiting.

In other news, my green tea tablets came today. Now, lets see if they actually work….

Tomorrow, I will practice like it’s my job.

Oh, shit, wait….it is?


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