Must Be Nice

As I was walking home from one of my doctoral seminar courses this morning, Music of 18th-Century Italy (or something along those lines, I’m not really certain what the seminar is actually on), I got stuck behind 5…what I call…PINK girls. You know, the girls that wear all the “Pink” brand items even though none of their clothes are actually “Pink.”

On a side note, that actually bothers the piss out of me. My overloaded brain needs to maintain some semblance of normal function and for some reason when I see the word PINK on a pair of BROWN shorts…I have a mental breakdown.

Strange, I know. But I digress.

I begin to hear this one girl spark up a conversation about how she actually has to READ for one of her classes and how all her friends are in classes where they can get away with never having to read.

Poor thing, I feel SO bad for you.

Her friends start to chime in, showing their support. “Well, you know, I’m taking a class where the Professor LOCKS the door at 9am and if you’re a SECOND late…he like, marks you absent. SO totally unfair.”

A crescendo of “likes” and “totally’s” rise from the wall of dense stupidity that is directly in front of me.

I’m just glad  none of the girls turned around to look at me, as I’m almost positive my jaw was wide open, with my eyebrows contorted to some strange and bizarre form. I have a problem that when I talk to people, my face shows every single thought, even the thoughts I don’t want you to know or hear. You could say some ridiculous tripe of a comment and my words will be, “Oh…okay,” while my face will say, ” WHAT IN GODS NAME? HOW ARE YOU IN COLLEGE? ARE YOU DUMB? You must be…”

It’s a problem. I should get botox, not for beautification, but to shut my face up.

I digress, again. So these girls…dumb times 5. I wonder what would happen if you just supplanted them into one of my courses…like the doctoral course I had this morning where the entire class was practically screamed at for not coming in prepared…this being day 2 of the quarter. And where we immediately jumped into the pragmatic and intrinsic elements that codified the corpus of secular music in the 17th and 18th century including form, structure, and style. I felt behind already, I HATE that feeling….hate. hate. hate. hate. I would LOVE to see those “girls” in a class where they actually had to use critical thinking.

I know, I’m wasting my time and breath. Sometimes I get REALLY frustrated seeing these groups of people, where as soon as they graduate..BAM they’ll have a job…and even though I bust my ass with a GA, a post-doctoral degree…etc. etc. etc. I’ll be lucky to find a job in my field even if it were to fall into my lap.

Damn. Oh well. I guess there was no real aphoristic concept for this blog except my annoyance.


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