Return To Sender

Last week was spring break for UC College-Conservatory of Music, I got a max of 10 emails that entire week.

It was amazing.

Monday, classes started again, and almost like clock work, my inbox went from 10 emails to 200.

I wish I were making that up.

Or was stretching the truth, alas. I should’ve taken a photo.

The reason for this rant is that, in the course of an hour, I’ve received an email from ever Dean, Graduate Student President, Student Treasurer, Vice President of X, Y, & Z club, Social Committee Chair, Provost, and President on UC’s campus that frankly, I’m going to scream.

I DON’T care about what the Dean of students has to say regarding off campus behavior and student responsibility. I’m a damn doctoral student, I’m not partaking in illegal activities, I’ve worked wayyyy too hard to throw everything out the window.

I really wanted to reply to sender and asked to be taken off their mailing list. You know, in my marketing classes they teach you that if you overload people with too much information, they’re going to stop paying attention.

I’ve all but stopped opening those emails and have started deleting them.

And while I’m sitting here, writing my little post, enjoying my moment of silence…two of the most pretentious little undergraduate kids are talking about the most ridiculous fodder, it makes me want to throw my venti used americano at both of them.


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