Oh, Look at The Bird!

I know many people who think ADHD is a myth…or some made up condition for parents that can’t handle their children.

To those people I say, “Well, you’ve never met me.”

It can be so bad sometimes that it takes all my energy to simply get up and function. Whether that’s an implication that I have ADHD or am just lazy, I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t feel like doing anything, it’s that I don’t WANT to do anything. I wonder if it’s a lack of motivation.

Practicing becomes most effective when there is SO much going on around me that my brain only has one option and that’s to focus on what I’m immediately doing. For me, sometimes the Home Shopping Network is a savior and maybe this is much of the reason why I love antiques roadshow so much. And I’ll gladly pay 13 dollars a month for Netflix as a result.

Oh well, I’ll work it out eventually. Until then, I’ll continue watching Netflix and practicing scales.

I’ve been invited, again, to coach the Cincinnati Youth Wind Ensemble. I enjoy working with this group and this quarter I’m coaching chamber groups. That makes my little musical heart extremely happy. They’re a good group of kids and make me laugh, often.

Of to practice….


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