Genetic Shortcomings

I’ve been blessed with my Mother’s bodily reaction to various environmental pollens. 

Meaning – I have the worse allergies known to man. Okay, “man” probably doesn’t encompass the depth of my disasterous condition…

Humanity seems more appropriate.

I’m allergic to…tree pollen (which apparently is at a critical level these days), mold, and stupidity.

That last one is medically proven, but I’m pretty certain that there is evidence to prove my hightened condition to the levels of stupidity in a given room.

Moving on…

So my allergies have turned into a sinus infection which have subsequently turned in an all out…NIGHTMARE. Plus I have a viral infection on top of that, so I’m supper lucky right now.

I’ve been confined to my bed for roughly 3 days now. And, my sinuses are making weird noises, when I blow my nose my sinsuses decompress and then fill up again…and it sounds like someone’s squeezing a dogy chewy toy with that annoying squeaker.

I’ve been constantly filling up on various medications and at this point have grown immune to Claritin, Zyrtex, and their various generic forms. I’ve also been doubling up on my vitamin C and have been digesting a vitamin B complex cocktail finished with green tea supliments.

Okay, so maybe I’ve turned into a vitamin junkie. A story for another time.

I’m tired of laying in bed. I would like to practice right now or maybe sit for more than twenty minutes without coughing up a storm.

But, now I have to go to work. Don’t even ask.


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