Landmark, Milestone, Whatever.

My little blog site has reached a milestone today, it hit 11,000 views.

Strange to think that my site has been visited 11,000 times.



Kind of Scary.

I feel compelled to make a statement or give a speech on some euphoric topic to mark this momentous occasion.

Well here goes:

Other than my stomach hurting from the kale and spinach smoothy I had this morning (most likely a result from too much green tea powder), I am pleased and honored to have so many wonderful readers and/or followers. Even if I provide you with tripe, fodder, and worthless material…I like to think that I’m your number one source for such junk.

Your benevolent, and slightly-off-the-wall, author,


Now that formalities are out of the way, lets get to the good stuff.

WHAT HAVE I LEARNED THUS FAR in my doctoral seminar class on 18th century music in Italy.

Here's a Painting from 1676 by Domenico Piola

Nothing other then a few names of composers, some pointless dates (I have 1676 and 1678 implanted in my mind and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the significance of those two dates AND IT’S DRIVING ME INSANE), and a stack of scores that I’ll mostly likely never look at again.

In fairness, I DO actually keep an open mind about these courses. I did, after all, take a course on 15th century music and their sources – which I ACTUALLY enjoyed even though I didn’t sleep for 3 months.

Somethings just missing here and I cannot, as of yet, put my finger on it. I don’t want to jump to conclusions and imply that it’s the teachers fault…though, I think that summation has already been made.

I’m not seeing a clear connection between these 100 page readings, one that covers the esoteric cantata form of Giovanni Legrenzi and another on Barbara Strozzi’s, one of the most beloved female composers (and most published) of the 17th century.

If I weren’t a performance major and about to finish my doctorate, I think I’d go back and do another degree in musicology JUST so I could write articles and reference material that actually makes SENSE. I’d write everything in informal prose and ALL of it in FIRST PERSON. Imagine that one.

“1791, it’s a cold and blustery afternoon and I stumble over to Mozart’s casa after a night of heavy drinking. I always forget that Mozart, the little heifer, can drink me under the table – and I’m Russian. Oh well, he’s not doing so well these days, so I figured a night of heavy drinking with a dear friend was worth the morning pains, headache, nausea, and…well…you get the rest.

I approached Mozart’s casa, my head still a little sore from hitting the rim of the toilet seat as I ran to expel the contents of my breakfast, I knew this was probably the last time I’d see my dear friend Mozart. Who am I going to drink with now? I walked in, he looks green, not with envy, oh no, green with that deathly stare. I knew it was time….”

See, that just seems more interesting…even though it’s COMPLETELY fabricated…I’d read it. That seems like a best seller to me!

I compare reading a musicology article to a child trying to read the back of a cereal box in Cyrillic. The material isn’t really that difficult to grasp, dare I say even elementary, it’s pretty easy to follow and understand with bold words and pretty fonts, some have pretty pictures that accompany them, it’s just in another language that you CANNOT understand.

That’s musicology articles for you.

Oh well, enough of my rant.



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