Snap – Crackle – Pop

I have this sudden craving for Rice Krispie Treats, thus the blog heading.

Recently, I went through my little site here – read a few posts – laughed a little – smiled a little – but most importantly realized just how much I enjoy writing.

Particularly about music (and not music…)

Well, kiddies, here we are – the final SHOW DOWN. After this year, I will be done  with school – NO MORE FOR ME, NO THANK YOU. I will be ABD (all but dissertation) by December – and this little clarinet professor (to be) is applying for jobs. SO HURRY UP UNIVERSITY (COLLEGE) of (SUCH-AND-SUCH), give me a job.

I’m really very excited, actually. I’m ready to mold and create the next greatest clarinet players of tomorrow. I’m ready to write the next great pedagogical studies (have already started and it’s called “The Caffeinated Clarinetist,” don’t steal it, I’ve already copyrighted it!!!), and make a significant change to the world of clarinet playing. Not so much the technique, but the overall concept of the clarinetist – I want to teach that there is MORE to the clarinet than just being an orchestral player or professor – and not by simply SAYING it, but actually SHOWING them.  I want to prepare, teach, and show my students to achieve, succeed, and excel.

(that sort of sounds like a community college ad, doesn’t it…)

Nonetheless, I’m very exciting.

Now, off to play scales and long-tones while scarring the birds off my fire escape.


One response to “Snap – Crackle – Pop

  1. Apply to UCLA. Then we can hang and drink fancy wines.

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