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It’s 2:41 in the morning, just finished up some work for a huge Beethoven Workshop this weekend at University of Cincinnati. It has been interesting to say the least; I won’t say nightmare, but very close to it.

Working with musicians – I won’t say artists because there are very very very few musicians that I call artists – I’ve learned what traits and idiosyncratic behaviors to completely avoid and NOT emulate.

You know, like never responding to emails until the last-minute. Waiting to distribute time sensitive information – then blaming it on someone else. Expecting everyone, and everything, to come to the sound of your ringing bell.

What’s funny to me is that many students meet these high-profile musicians that function at a higher level, crumble and gravel in their presence… because “they’re so great!!!”

I have no patience for that and will quickly, if not almost immediately, say something. Not snarky, but in a calm collected and sassy manner. I first thought this would back fire, nope actually it worked in my favor because you have a brain – and use it. Sometimes, high-profile artist and musicians need to be brought back down to the real world – I’m happy to assist!

This is my fast post before bed – so it’s jumbled and scattered, don’t expect me to edit it.

Next topic

Started working on the first chapter of my book – the “Caffeinated Clarinetist.” It will be an exciting little ped book with new and innovative practice techniques as well as focusing on developing your skills as a teacher of the clarinet.

For some reasons, I decided to start writing on scales. The process has been, to put it mildly, interesting. I start writing, scribbling bubbles of thought here and there on the page, come to one conclusion about something – then realize, NOPE that makes NO sense…When that moment hits you, at least in regards to your own clarinet playing, a deep pit of regret emerges…and I end up saying to myself…”Did I really just spend 6 years of my life playing Baermann scales cover to cover everyday for 2+ hours. Uhm, can I get a refund on those hours? What about a prorate refund?”

Tons of performances this year and – stomach drops a little bit – I begin the job hunt. There are, currently, only three potential job positions open…St. Olaf in somewhere or another, MSU, and FSU. I’m not really ready at this point to apply, but will be shortly.

HUGE recording project this year – tons of great music, I’m really quite excited – Muczynski Time Pieces, Stravinsky Three Pieces, Babin Hillandale Waltz, and Mozart Kegelstatt – it will be a professional recording. You better get excited!

Time Finished: 2:57 am

Speed Blog Accomplished


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