Mental Cleanse

e’re on day 4 of the Facebook purge. You may be asking yourselves, why? Well, I’m addicted.

I’m a big boy and can accept when things get out of hand and when I need to re-prioritize my life. Facebook was my go to downtime activity which would turn into an hour here and an hour there. You’d really be surprised how much time it eats up from your daily life.

Why do I care what other people are doing and for that matter – why do I need to continually post updates about what I’m doing…24/7.

Given – I have almost 2,000 “friends” from all walks of life. Many of those I encounter tell me they LOVE my Facebook page and love getting updates from me. This happens more often than not and I’m flabbergasted at all the compliments. The difficulty for me is knowing when to separate my personal life from my social media life.

I’m laughing to myself because…these are really 1st world problems and in retrospect, completely trivial to the real world. This is much of the reason why I’ve made that step away.

So now, when I find myself wanting to log in to facebook…I find something else to do with my time. For example – yesterday evening, instead of logging in to Facebook, I reorganized my CD collection, wrote a few paragraphs in my book, sent three hundred emails, broke in a new box of reeds, and cleaned up the kitchen a little.

What? Where the hell did all this productive time come from?!?! Maybe I’m on to something here…the less social I am, the more productive I become. Yeah, sounds like a good idea…but this could go one of two ways….I could become a complete recluse from my social surroundings or forego being productive all together. I doubt the latter will happen…and I’m kind of enjoying this productive kick I’m on. I’m actually thinking about how I can apply this new-found energy to my clarinet playing and strategizing new practice routines for myself as well as for my students.

Netflix and scales.



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