Present Arms. Ready. Aim. F@#$^%@# REEDS!

This is my quick post while I wait for my pot of coffee to finish so I can scamper off to the studio and practice for a few hours.

Don’t be fooled by the title, I actually don’t hate reeds…I find them more fascinating than anything else. The title echos the sentiments of my students and many of my peers.

I’m actually in the process of breaking in 14,530 new boxes (approximate number). The weathers changing and how you break in your reeds now will either help or hinder your mood in the coming onslaught of winter. In other words, break them in slowly, SLOWLY, and make sure they’re stored in a humidity controlled thingy – whatever that storage be is up to you, as long as it’s air tight.

At some point, when time permits, I’ll give my reed break in secrets.

Well, they’re not really secrets – I just like to think they are.

I’ve recently broken in another box of the Rico Reserve Classics, in an attempt to like them…again. I like the fact that every single one plays great out of the box, as opposed to the V12’s I get. But, when I find a GREAT V12…it sure makes life pretty amazing. 

For me, and I repeat, FOR ME, I want more cane in the heart and tip of the reed. For those with smaller lips, this is no problem for you and the Reserves probably are gorgeous for you – but I got big lips – and I need something a little more substantial.

I’ll elaborate on this point in a later post – coffee is just finishing up.

Maybe that means I need to jump up another strength to 4+’s.

I want to talk about this more…but my coffee is done and I have a stack of music to learn.



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