No Turkey for Me, Just Pass the Bottle of Vodka.

Tomorrow, at around 3:45pm, starts my Thanksgiving Vacation and I’m THRILLED.

I don’t care about eating more food that I can possibly manage in less than 2 hours…or making a point to be precocious about being thankful for things that I’m, well, really thankful on a daily basis. I show my gratitude and thanks to those that have changed my life quite often. I think those people need to hear it and it’s important to me because I owe them so much.

I digress.

Why am I more excited about this week off than I have been for the past 14 years?

Because I have NO obligations, NO schedules, NO rehearsals, NO lessons, NO…NOTHING.

Okay, fine, I made a few arrangements to visit some old friends when I’m home in Virginia.

The best part is actually the drive back to my Mom’s – the 9 hour drive from Cincinnati to Virginia, for many, would be boring and painful. Not for this guy – it’s 9 hours of complete and utter solitude and for a majority of it I have NO cellphone service…which is AMAZING.

For those 9 hours – I will not check my email, voicemail, or messages…I will not answer the phone unless I have made arrangements to talk to you during that drive. It is my 9 hours of pure and utter Adam time and I can’t be MORE excited. I have worked, studied, taught, and rehearsed 14 hours a day for 7 days a week for the past 5 months straight – no break, no vacation, no day off. Being able to not do ANYTHING for 9 hours is really exciting.

Now, when I get to Virginia…well…that’s another story. I have a HUGE list of things I want to accomplish:

a. work scales back up to 150
b. record-record-record-record-record
c. memorize two concerti for performances in Spring
d. write more blog posts
e. organize my life for the remainder of the year
f. do laundry
g. sleep
h. write two chapters in my book

That’s the goal…how much we ACTUALLY accomplish will depend on whether or not I literally crash or not for the next few days.

See you soon!!


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