Dulcet Two Hour Tones

I just lost two hours practicing long tones. Okay, I didn’t LOSE two hours…more I gained two hours of invaluable practice working on fundamentals.

Sheesh…I’m usually much better at keeping track of time while practicing. I will definitely NOT say that it was a waste of time, actually the transverse. I really focused on just beautiful and solid playing…liquid fingers, fast and consistent air, free motion.

My hands feel great – like after you’ve stretched before going on a run. I’m relaxed.

I take notes throughout my practice session, particularly when working on one set of exercises and notice something else that I need to work on…e.g. C#/G# and intervals in keys with more than 4 sharps. Regardless, that two hours I just spent on long tones brought a lot of other issues to the surface…consistent starts/stops of sound, legato, consistency of air.

The list goes into more detail that I refuse to write out again because it makes me realize I should have started my practice session at 6am instead of 8am.

On to articulation studies….


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