Curriculum Headache

I don’t know many people who get excited or gitty with joy when writing a CV /Resume/Cover letter.

I don’t necessarily enjoy it, though it’s not really difficult, just time-consuming. If a musician, let alone a clarinetist, writes a CV with the amount of detail and precision they put into their playing…well, you’d likely get a pristine and gorgeous end product.

Yes, I just stereotyped myself.

Lets get to the root of the issue, shall we? It’s not that I dislike doing anything, especially CVs and resumes, the issue is…:cough: I hate deadlines. I have this anxious nervousness about looming deadlines.

And I’m a procrastinator.

If I were a crisis manager or worked for FEMA, I’d be at the top of my game. I, for some reason, refuse to prepare – or mentally block myself – work or things with any sort of ample amount of lead time. Then, three or four days before, I freak-out and cram it all in. The quality of my work doesn’t suffer, in comparison to others, but I always know, in the back of my festering and sarcastic brain, that I could do better.

Next month…

30 Blog Challenge: Day 2



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