Then I Found Ten Dollars…

I sat down tonight, planning to write a fantastical post on some amazing subject or another which would have spearheaded a mass movement across the country…Then I actually started writing…

What I thought I was writing…or what I was telling my fingers to type…was NOT what appeared on my computer screen. It was as though I had forgotten how to speak English…or form sentences…both of which are already difficult for me…sheesh.

It was as though some remote part of my brain, where clearly some neurons decided to take a vaca, wanted to write about really strange and odd things….nothing of which I intended to write about.

This was the progression of said post:

Start writing about some rather fantastic events today…turned into me talking about my ultimate powers of nesting…Which got me talking about the issues associated with collegiate recruitment and retention which, according to my craziness, are directly linked to the discourse of the academic cannon.

Then Mary Poppins stopped in; I wrote about how she looks like an amateur next to me – she has no skillz.

Frustration kicked in…WHY CAN’T I JUST FOCUS!

Then I went on a rant about double bacon cheeseburgers and finally writing something or another on social disorders….which I clearly am exhibiting signs of.

Which one though?? That’s the mystery question…

Eventually, I gave up and deleted the entire thing and decided to write about just how odd I am…


At least I met my blog post challenge to day.

Blog No. 4


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